Tim Peake mission on the ISS.

The mission of Major Tim Peake on the ISS has provided many amateurs with the opportunity to listen for transmission on the amateur bands from the ISS, with Major Tim Peake answering many questions from school children around the UK.

A selection process was organised by the team of ARISS (Amateur Radio on the ISS) volunteers, that culminated in ten schools from around the UK being chosen for a scheduled contact under the program, with the Wellesley House School in Broadstairs being the only school chosen in Kent, supported by the local Hilderstone Amateur Radio and Electronics Club.

Each of the contacts comprised a range of activities for the school children involving science, technology, engineering and maths topics, supported by many organisations including the UK Space Agency, the European Space Agency and the Radio Society of Great Britain.

On each occasion the contact was recorded which typically lasted one and a half hours, with presentations, questions sessions and local entertainment, culminating in the contact with Tim Peake.

Details of the Principia mission, the ARISS organisation and the videos from each contact can be found via the highlighted links.