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West Kent ARS AGM 2019
The 2019 Annual General Meeting for the West Kent ARS was held on the 8th of April.

The committee elections resulted in the following members being elected to the posts shown below;

Chairman    Dave G4OTV    chairman@wkars.org.uk

Vice chairman Mike M0RYK    

Secretary  Keith G4JED       secretary@wkars.org.uk         

Treasurer  Chris G6HTH      treasurer@wkars.org.uk   

Member Representatives;  Richard G8CDD, Steve G1YLB and Nick 2E0MDU


AFS Contest series 2018/19
After the 432MHz AFS results were announced last month, West Kent ARS achieved 8th place out of the 86 clubs that took part, slipping one place from our table position in February.

In all, the club did very well considering that just under a quarter of the members took part in this series of contests, and with a bit more effort come the end of 2019 we could achieve a higher placing in the tables. As a matter of history, West Kent ARS won AFS in 1954, so we can do it!

The AFS for the end of 2019/20 will this year comprise some 70MHz activity, which is a first, so the series will now involve 160m, 80m, 40m, 6m, 4m, 2m and 70cms, and comprise CW, SSB and Data modes. Any member who is active on any of these bands could help boost our club ranking.

Thanks once more to those that took part in the above contests, to help the club achieve our best position in many years.

West Kent ARS 70th Anniversary
Members of West Kent ARS and invited guests celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Society on Saturday the 19th of May. Among those attending was the Mayor of Tunbridge Wells, Cllr. Julia Soyke, who was a special guest at a gala dinner held at the Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the West Kent Amateur Radio Society.

In addition, Mr John Gould G3WKL who is a past President of the Radio Society of Great Britain RSGB, was also present and gave an address following that from the Mayor, recalling his earlier days as a young boy and having been a member of the Society back in the 60’s, he was able to recall many of the founding members.

From copies of the Wireless World magazine, the Society has discovered that a Tunbridge Wells and District Wireless Society was formed, under the leadership of Mr. H. Featherstone AMIEE on the 14th of April 1921, but this appeared to cease in the run up to WWII and the rescinding of amateur radio licences by the Post Office during the time of war.

The current Society was formed after the war in 1948, and a key figure who became President at the inaugural meeting and remained in that post for 21 years, was Mr Bert Allen MBE, G2UJ who lived in Tunbridge Wells.

Bert was a very active radio operator, designer and builder of radio equipment and wrote many technical articles for the RSGB magazine. Other founding members at that inaugural meeting in 1948, included Laurie King G4IB and Frank Barnard G4FB, both of whom were very active in directing the society’s activities in the early years.

Mills on the air - Nutley Windmill GB2NW
West Kent ARS were invited to operate Mills-on-the-Air from Nutley Windmill on Ashdown Forest, over the weekend of the 12th/13th of May 2018.

HF operation with SSB and CW modes, was using an Icom 756 with a doublet that was mainly used on the lower bands due to propagation being poor on the higher HF bands. Operation on VHF was on FM and SSB, and used an Icom 746 with 50w to a 9 ele portable Yagi.

The stations attracted a number of on-air contacts as well as some visitors to the site, despite the appalling wet and windy weather for much of the time. 

West Kent ARS AGM 2018
The 2018 Annual General Meeting for the West Kent ARS was held on the 9th of April 2018.

The committee elections resulted in the following members being elected to the posts shown below;

Chairman    Mike M0RYK   

Vice chairman Dave G4OTV    

Secretary  Keith G4JED                

Treasurer  Steven 2E0VKH         

Member Representatives;  Richard G8CDD, Steve G1YLB and Nick 2E0MDU

Training success - October 2017 

Five candidates sat and passed the Intermediate exam on the 28th of October 2017, having attended the three training days run by the West Kent ARS, and assisted by some South East Trainers group members.

Congratulations to all the candidates and thanks also to the team of trainers who helped with this recent training program, and for mentoring the candidates through to success.

 Candidates and trainers from the Oct 2017 course

 Candidates and trainers of the October 2017 Intermediate training course


144MHz Affiliated Societies Contest Results - 4th Dec 2016 
Four members of 
West Kent ARS took part in the latest 144MHz AFS contest, results from the combined scores place the club 19th out of the 61 clubs that participated.

The table below shows the individual stations along with the number of QSO's they had and their scores.


Foundation training success - October 2016
A Foundation course was run on the 22nd and 29th of October, comprising the highest number of candidates the club has previously enlisted onto a training course.

Following the course program that the cub has run many times in recent years, the candidates sat the exam on the second day and ten were successful in achieving an indicative pass, which was subsequently reconfirmed by the RSGB exams dept.

All of the successful candidates now have their M6 callsigns and many have begun to use the airwaves, both VHF FM and on the HF bands.

Congratulations to all ten of the exam candidates and thanks to all the club members who stepped in to help with this recent training program, and for mentoring the candidates through to success.