Affiliated Society 80m contest
Club entries have been submitted for the CW and Phone sections of this years
80m AFS contest.

On Sunday the 13th of January, a team of 4 members comprising of G3AIO, G4OTV,
G3YOU and G4FDC combined to put the WKARS alongside other UK clubs in getting a
placing in this years contest, working a total of 299 contacts between them.

This was followed on Saturday the 19th with another team of 4 members
comprising G6UBM, G3YOU, G3KIP and G4JED, working a total of 319 contacts in
the SSB phone section of the contest.

This is a very credible entry for the club, and the first time for many years
that members have teamed up to enter this society contest. The contest has many
clubs entering and we wait to receive the results, to see where we have come in
the overall score.

Thank you to all those members who took part in this contest, and lets hope we
can repeat the event again next year with a few more club entrants.