HF SSB Field Day 2013

The West Kent ARS entry scored 25th out of 36 entries in the 2013 field day event.

This annual 24hr event in the HF contest calendar took place over the weekend of the 7th/8th of September, commencing at 2pm (13.00 UTC) on the Saturday.

Many members of the West Kent ARS arrived at the field site in Hayesden Lane near Bidborough, to assemble the new club masts and layout tents for the operating and social activities that were planned.

While the HF SSB contest was the primary activity for the weekend, some members also took the opportunity to work in the 2m Trophy contest that was taking place for 24hrs alongside the HF contest.

The HF station used a 120' doublet that worked reasonably well, with contacts being made mostly on 40 and 80m, but some also on 20 and 15m, bringing in many more multiplier points from the new countries worked on these higher bands.

Operations stopped in the early hours after around 100 contacts were made in a little over two hours mostly on 80m, and were resumed again at around 7am on the Sunday morning. 

Overall the West Kent ARS members worked a total of 268 contacts that was an increase of 70 from last years HF SSB entry, and our total claimed points were 55488, compared to last years points being 34352. Following the adjudication with some lost points, West Kent ARS was awarded 50,619 and placed 25th out of 36 stations in the contest, compared to being 33rd out of 35 in 2012.

This years entry into the HF SSB field day is a marked improvement on the clubs other recent entry of 2012, though their is still more progress in station equipment and contest technique to help provide further progress next year 2014.

The 2m contest entry was more for fun and with the station being in the social tent, it was often difficult to get engrossed on 2m contacts on what appeared to be a flat band, and was an aside to all the nattering and tea/coffee drinking.

Photos of the event can be found here