Radio Foxhunting Presentation
The club 
meeting on the 9th of June was a presentation by Alastair G4RUL, on the techniques and skills of radio foxhunting.

Alastair is a member of a foxhunting team from along the South Coast, who take part in radio foxhunting around the Eastbourne area on an almost weekly basis.

The team had an article on the sport published in RadCom in May 2012, and have continued this interest ever since.

While the group used to use the 2m band for these events, they have migrated predominantly to 70cms, as the aerials are easier to handle and are less obtrusive when in public spaces.

The photo on the right shows Alastair holding one of the 70cms aerials (super Moxon) that he uses. In addition he has a range of 3-5 element Yagi beams, with the elements secured to wooden battens.

Following the interest shown in the talk, a number of West Kent ARS members built their own hand held Yagi aerials, and took part in an evening radio foxhunt, with further such events to be planned when the events schedule permits.