Tonbridge Audio Jumble 2013.
The West Kent ARS had a table and display at the recent Tonbridge Audio Jumble, held at the Angle Centre on Sunday the 10th of February.

With the club having put on a station from this event in the distant past, it was uncertain what interest and potential benefit their would be from again having a presence.

It was decided that the club wouldn't aim to put on a special event station, but to show something of the current day hobby through a few static display items. These comprised of typical radio equipment of a Clansman and FT-817 radio as exhibits, and to draw attention, which the military radio certainly did.

In addition we had a pc with a PowerPoint presentation on a loop, depicting some detail of the hobby; particularly its purpose and how to get started. For anyone wanting to listen to realtime amateur transmissions, there was a separate pc connected via mobile broadband, to the software defined radio systems at Hank Green, Cheshire. These along with a display panel of RSGB posters, RAYNET leaflets and West Kent ARS leaflets and QSL cards, presented a catching display for those attending.

As expected, it is clear that many amateurs attend the Audio Jumble and were interested to talk with those of us on the stand, but in addition we had a number of non-amateurs asking questions about the hobby and how they might get started, including finding their local club for training.

In all, the event was a good one for the West Kent ARS to have a presence and to portray the hobby to the wider public. Though we didn't gain any new members directly from the effort, in the longer term we may see some positive results for the club and for the hobby in general.

Thanks to those members that helped out on the stand and in speaking with our visitors, and for those members that came along and said hello.

Finally, thank you to the many that came and spoke with us on the stand, if you still have any questions about West Kent ARS, or amateur radio more generally then please do get in contact with us at;