UK Activity Contest Results 2013

The final results for the Tuesday evening UKAC events have been published, and below is a table of the rankings of the West Kent ARS overall and the individual member ratings in the separate contests.

Most of the operations were from fixed station locations that are not best placed for VHF/UHF contesting, though some operation during the year was run /p from along the Bidborough Ridge, using the club callsign G1WKS/P.

These are fun events that show the capabilities of the stations involved, and where improvements in equipment, aerial or operating might be made. Additionally they give year round experience of VHF/UHF propagation, which at these frequencies can be very surprising as the seasons change.

The following table shows the rankings for West Kent ARS members;

Band    Club ranking        Individual ranking
6m                    19th of 75         G4JED - 30th,  G6UBM - 54th,  G3KIP - 210th of overall 216* entries.
4m                    17th of 49         G6UBM - 11th,  G4JED - 30th of overall 94* entries.
2m                    28th of 97         G4JED - 70th,  G6UBM - 85th,  G3WKS/P - 105th of overall 291* entries.
70cm                38th of 73         G3WKS/P - 87th,  G6UBM - 99th,  G4JED - 101st of overall 207* entries.
23cm                34th of 45         G3WKS/P - 65th of overall 85* entries. (only for 3 months of operation)
NB. * = stations entered just in the same category as the West Kent ARS stations, overall stations entered per band is higher.