Privacy Policy & GDPR

    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Personal data policy

    1. This policy describes how WKARS (“the Club”) complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.

    2. Data Privacy Officer: The Club Secretary is ex-officio the Data Privacy Officer, responsible for ensuring compliance with GDPR.

    3. What personal data are held and how: Personal data held by the club are restricted to: name, address, callsign, email address, telephone number, and financial records such as payments. Financial records are held for appropriate statutory periods as a minimum. All records are held on a password protected computerised database.

    4. Data inquiries and data release: Members or others who wish to know what of their personal information is held should contact the Data Privacy Officer (DPO). Where a member has given specific permission, his or her name, callsign, email address and general location such as village or town may be circulated to other members. No personal data will be disclosed to third parties unless the Club is required to do so by law. Any such disclosure will be notified to the member(s) concerned, unless forbidden by law or an order of the Court.

    5. Club use of personal data: Members’ personal data is held only for the conduct of essential club business, such as (a) notification of meetings and other events which the committee consider will interest members; (b) for the discussion of club business with members; (c) notification of subscription dates and similar matters. Some personal data are occasionally distributed for committee meetings. At the conclusion of the committee meeting, the DPO reminds committee members to protect any personal data received; when they stand down, they will be asked to certify the deletion of the data.

    6. Member’s agreement to the use of personal data. Membership renewal reminders or application forms will display this condition: “Payment of the annual subscription represents a member’s or family group members’ agreement to the holding and use of his or her or their personal data under the Club’s GDPR policy, which can be found on the club website at Payment of the subscription therefore indicates the consent of the member, or members of the family group, to the holding and use of their personal data under this policy.

    7. Deletion of personal data: Personal data will be permanently deleted from Club records within six months of non payment of the annual subscription or written receipt of a member’s wish to resign.

    Policy adopted by the committee of WKARS at its meeting held on 24 April 2018.

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